Election count is underway

The  seperation of votes is underway in Letterkenny.

The seperation of votes is underway in Letterkenny.


The separation of votes in the European and local elections is well underway in Letterkenny’s Aura Leisure Centre.

They began with the Inishowen ballot boxes and are working their way through all the electoral areas.

Early tally indications are Luke ‘Ming’ Flanigan is polling well in Inishowen.

Nationally there are signs of significant gains by Sinn Fein and independent candidates.

A large crowd gathered early at the centre and just after 9am Geraldine O’Conner, the presiding officer, announced formally the “separation and verification” of ballot papers was underway.

Indications are there was a healthy turn out across the county with some areas, such as Rametlon reporting just over 80% of the local electorate casting a vote.

For updates through out the weekend from all the count centres follow us on Twitter at @dgldemocrat, or use the hash tag #dglle14




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