Eight women a day advertised online for prostitution in Donegal - Immigrant Council

Denise Charlton

Denise Charlton

Up to eight women a day are being advertised for prostitution online everyday in Donegal, according to the Immigrant Council of Ireland.

Local TDS and senators are being called upon to help to speed up a review of the laws on prostitution following the revelation.

The call by members of the ICA, Macra Na Feirme, many trade unions, Chambers Ireland and the Immigrant Council of Ireland comes as hearings by the Dáil Justice Committee on the issue come to an end.

Denise Charlton, Chief Executive of the Immigrant Council said: “After years of campaigning and several months of Dáil hearings the truth is now plain for everyone to see. Irish and foreign criminal gangs are using prostitution as a low risk, high profit crime to line their pockets in Donegal and across the country.

“Thousands of people, including emergency workers, medical staff, farmers, business people and many more from Donegal and across the north west have supported us not just through their representative bodies but as individuals by supporting our email campaign to local TDs. It is important to note that while our politicians have been debating this issue, the criminals have continued their evil trade. According to Gardaí 800 women are placed for sale on the net in Ireland everyday, and a recent check showed eight women for sale in Donegal on one day.

“In addition while we have been debating 29-children have been sex-trafficked into Ireland. It is clear the criminals will stop at nothing to line their pockets. After studying the experience in other countries the 65 organisations of the Turn Off the Red Light Campaign are convinced the best way to end this is to target demand by bringing in laws against sex buyers whose actions have brought crime to Donegal and every other county.

We encourage people in Donegal to add their voices to our call for action by going to the website www.turnofftheredlight.ie/action and add their voice to our efforts.”


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