Dungloe Court told “unrequited love” prompted young Donegal man to go “ballistic”



A 19-year-old man who assaulted a man and damaged his car after arriving home and finding him with a girl he is now in a relationship with, had his case adjourned to September 19 to allow him time to raise funds for compensation.

Timothy Gallagher from Aboligan in Dungloe was charged with the assault at Fairhill, Dungloe on May 5, last.

Solicitor for Gallagher, Cormac Hartnett said his client had arrived at the house and said ‘how could you do this to me?’ and assaulted another man.

Mr Hartnett said that it was a “very regrettable incident, a question of unrequited love”.

The court heard Gallagher had been in a relationship with the girl.

“He went ballistic and destroyed the third party’s car and had a physical altercation with him. He saw red. He is back in a relationship with the young girl and everything is as it should be,” Mr Hartnett said.

Mr Hartnett said that Gallagher had a cheque for €500 in court and was earning €300 a week working in an oyster farm. It is estimated that €3,200 of damages were caused to the injured party’s car.

District Court Judge Paul Kelly warned Gallagher not to re-offend between now and September, as this would mean that “all bets are off”.


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