Driving attitudes vary on doughnut clip

The car pictured performing the manouvure on a junction outside Letterkenny Court House.

The car pictured performing the manouvure on a junction outside Letterkenny Court House.

Opinion seems divided on what is acceptable driving behaviour after a clip showing “doughnuts” being performed outside Letterkenny Courthouse last weekend.

This newspaper posted the clip of the incident on our social media and just over half of the comments supported the type of behaviour displayed in the video.

Some branded the driver a “hero”, while others said they believed there was little chance of an accident.

Gary Doggett of the Letterkenny based Pro-Social Drivers course said this response shows that a level of engagement is required with the public to address the differing views on driving and acceptable road behaviour.

“We don’t condone this type of behaviour but we would be very interested in hearing why young people feel the need to behave in this manor,” he stated.

Drawn huge online attention

An online clip of a motorist performing a series of high speed “doughnut” type turns around a person standing in the middle of the road of the town centre junction between the court house and Gallagher’s Hotel has drawn much online attention.

Garda Inspector Michael Harrison said there has been progress in the investigation of the incident.

Commenting further that during last weekend’s Donegal International Rally he said there was a clear distinction between two sets of people who visited the event.

“There were two sets of supporters who came to the rally. The genuine rally supporters who did everything we asked and then there were the immature modified car enthusiasts.

“There were a number of events organised throughout the county and they went to those events and at night time they blocked roads and did doughnuts. We did have a number of arrests and we are following up others,” he stated.




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