Donegal LEA 2014 - What the TDs have to say

In conversation Tom Conaghan with candidate Joseph McNulty.

In conversation Tom Conaghan with candidate Joseph McNulty.

Minister of State Dinny McGinley acknowledges that Fine Gael’s massive drop in the polls, estimated at around 40 per cent here in Donegal LEA, is “probably a reflection of what’s happening elsewhere in the country”.

by Sue Doherty

Noting that governments “usually take a kicking” in mid-term elections, he said nonetheless that the poor performance was “certainly something to be seriously considered”.

He added: “It’s a message from the people of Ireland that they are suffering and that they have had enough”.

The focus from now until the next election, he continued, “will be on the economic policies of every party”.

Independent TD Thomas Pringle hinted that Independents might well form part of the next government.

He said: “You could have a group of like-minded Independents who would be working together towards the same goal of bringing equality and fairness into society and into our politics.

“I don’t see any reason why they could not be a part of a new coalition after the next general election, and not in the traditional view that people have of Independents propping up two political parties or whatever is the coalition. As a cohesive force, I think we could see Independents in government.”


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