Donegal is very, very happy !

Symbolising the happiness and beauty of Donegal two young

Symbolising the happiness and beauty of Donegal two young "surfers" gaze out on the beauty of our coastline. 1704 INDD Happy 2 FL.JPG

Earlier this week happy smiling and dancing faces from twenty four iconic locations around the county went global courtesy of Oprah Winfrey.

Last month an idea conceived by Shane Wallace of Donegal TV Grace Ann McGarvey, Letterkenny’s PR guru along with Denise Blake, Lisa Burkitt and Shane Murphy featured on one of the most popular TV shows in the US - Oprah Prime.

The group had seen a similar video of another city using Parrell Williams’s hit single “Happy” and thought that this would be a great way to showcase the Donegal they all knows and love.

Shane Wallace immediately came on board and the rest is now history!

Speaking to the Donegal Democrat Shane said, “This has been an unbelievable success - we originally decided to do this for a bit of craic never realising that the whole thing might go viral.

“We went around the county - north, south, east and west to showcase the best of Donegal. Fanad, Malin Head, Letterkenny, Slieve League - all with happy singing and dancing people.

“One of the highlights of the show was the McGettigans dancing and singing with their famous sausages.

“When we were shooting it Ernan actually got a call from chef Nevin Maguire wanting to order a large quantity of sausage. Ernan was quick to reply - “Sorry Nevin, can you wait five minutes - I’m just dancing with some sausages!”

“The whole thing was a great laugh the whole way through.”

Shane continued, “On a more serious note this has provided a great showcase for Donegal worldwide - it is getting an amazing number of hits.

“On the Oprah show Parrell Williams got very emotional watching the playback which featured the McGettigan brothers and Fanad Head.”

Grace Ann McGarvey was equally delighted saying, “The reaction has been fantastic - everybody gave freely of their time, the support was great - proving that Donegal really is happy!


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