Donegal delegation to head to NYC for St. Patrick’s Day

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editorial image

Donegal Mayor, Cllr. Ian McGarvey will head a Donegal County Council delegation to New York City for St. Patrick’s Day.

County councillors agreed at Monday’s meeting to send Mayor McGarvey, Deputy Mayor, independent Cllr. Michael McBride, and two senior staff members to New York. The trip is expected to cost about 10,000 euro.

Sinn Féin Cllr. Jack Murray said he believed the money could be better spent sending a delegation at another time of year. “I have no problem with the mayor going to America, but I think it could be spent at a more opportune time,” he said. He said he believed council should reach out to Donegal emigrants but pointed to the Golden Bridges event in Boston, held later in the year, as an event where a delegation could have more of an impact.


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