Donaldson family no longer has confidence in gardaí

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editorial image

The family of murder victim Denis Donaldson say they “no longer has any confidence in the Gardai”.

This afternoon the 13th preliminary inquest hearing into the circumstances surrounding the killing of Mr Donaldson will take place in Letterkenny.

A statement from the family has strongly criticised the role of the gardai in the investigation into his murder.

Mr Donaldson was a high profile member of Sinn Féin who was exposed in December 2005 as an MI5 informer. The Real IRA later claimed responsibility for his murder.

His family say they will not attend todays hearing as they expect a further adjournment.

The statement reads: “The Donaldson family no longer has any confidence in the Gardai and will not be attending today’s inquest hearing.

“Legal representatives for the family have now been instructed to actively pursue effective alternative legal remedies to ongoing infringements of the human rights of the Donaldson family,” it added.




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