Disturbance outside Bundoran council meeting - man to appear in court

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editorial image

A town council meeting in Bundoran earlier today will have a sequel tomorrow morning at Dungloe District Court where a man arrested arising out of an incident outside the meeting is expected to appear at that court.

The meeting, called to discuss recent storm damage in Bundoran, ended in chaos this afternoon after angry exchanges initially between town councillors and later between town councillors and protesting members of the public.

Gardai were called to the Bundoran town council offices and the Democrat understands used pepper spray to quell a protestor.

One of two men protesting is expected to appear at Tuesday’s scheduled District Court in Dungloe.

It’s understood councillors moved from the main meeting room chamber to a smaller office when a member of the public who had gained access to the chamber refused to leave the meeting.

Following on from this others arrived at the council offices some time later and a disturbance outside the meeting led to one man being arrested.

Meanwhile, it’s understood the meeting being conducted in the smaller office was eventually abandoned.


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