Disposable income lowest in Donegal

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Disposable income in Donegal is the lowest in the country and dropped by more than 800 euro per person in 2010, new figures show.

The figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) show that the disposable income in the county in 2010 was 16,106 euro, 3,000 euro less than the national disposal income per person.

The disposable income here is 83 per cent of the national disposable income of 19,318 euro and is lower than the average in the Border Midland West area which is 17,719 euro.

Disposable income in the county peaked in 2008 at 17,855 euro but it has dropped since. Disposable income per person in Sligo was 18,340 euro in 2010, 94.9 per cent of the national disposable income. The highest disposable income was found in Dublin at 21,515 euro person followed by Kildare with 20,000 euro per person.

The estimated total income per person in Donegal in 2010 was 18,714 euro, which was 78.3 per cent of the State average. The highest total income was in Dublin which at 27,671 euro was 15.8 per cent higher than the State average.




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