Daniel O’Donnell pays moving tribute to his mum

Daniel O’Donnell has paid an emotional tribute to his mother, Julia, who recently passed away. His words, which appeared on his web site this week, speak for themselves.

“Hello there. To be honest, I’m not sure how to start this little note to you. I’m sure I don’t have to say how difficult the past few weeks have been for myself and all the family.

“Even though my mother was 94, somehow I think we all thought she was going to live forever. We know how fortunate we have been to have had her for so long, but at this time, it’s not that easy to be rational. She was so much a part of all of our lives and took a great interest in everything we did, from my eldest brother John, right down to the youngest great grandchild Lauren.

“I suppose she had that sense of pride in us all that only a mother can have.

“We were overwhelmed by the amount of people who attended her wake and funeral.

“In recent times, whenever we would return from a neighbour’s funeral mass, my mother would say “Were there many priests on the altar?” and when we would tell her the number she would always say “the more priests the better for someone’s funeral”. As I sat in the front pew beside her coffin, I glanced at the 11 priests that concelebrated and thought to myself, I hope you can see them mam, you’ve done well.”

“We have had some enquiries as to when my mother’s months mind mass will be. It will be held in our local church, St Marys, on Friday 27th June at 7pm. While we don’t expect you to attend, we want you to know that everybody is welcome.

“Even though my mother is out of sight, her memory lives on in so many ways.

“Until we meet again Mam, Rest in Peace.”




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