Councillors slam proposal

There have been strong rejections of a local election candidate’s suggestion that council meetings be moved to Letterkenny.

John Watson, Fianna Fáil candidate in the Letterkenny-Milford Electoral Area, last week suggested that the county manager look into relocating county council meetings to the Letterkenny Courthouse once new courtroom facilities are established in the town.

“There are suggestions the council is going to buy the Lifford army barracks -- save the money,” Mr. Watson said, saying the courthouse would be very suitable for council meetings. The current chamber is too small to house the new, 37-member council that will be elected next month.

“People are crippled paying water charges, household charges, and if we can save money that’s what we have to be doing,” Mr. Watson said.

Independent Cllr. Frank McBrearty Jr. rejected the suggestion and has advocated for council chamber to move to the Lifford army barracks.

“This is something which I feel will ensure that Lifford remains an important gateway town for this county,” Cllr. McBrearty said.

Fianna Fáil Cllr. Gerry Crawford said he will “fight tooth and nail to see that such a suggestion never comes to fruition”.

Cllr. Crawford said the proposal was not a party decision, saying that Mr. Watson, “wouldn’t expect people in Lifford to jump up and down in delight for something that would really bleed the lifeblood from Lifford”.


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