Councillors propose amendments to county development plan on turbines



Donegal County Council is proposing increased setbacks and other limits on the placement of wind turbines in the county.

The proposals will be open to public consultation in the coming weeks.

At their regular meeting on Monday, councillors approved several amendments to the county development plan in relation to wind farms. They are recommending a setback distance of 10 times the tip height of proposed turbines from centres of human habitation, including homes, schools, hospitals, churches and other buildings used for public assembly; that they not be located within catchments for Special Areas of Conservation populations for the freshwater pearl mussels; and that they not be located in such a way that they could be seen from Glenveagh Castle and gardens, and other areas of the park.

Joseph Brennan, spokesperson for the Glenties Windfarm Information Group, said they were pleased with the proposals. The group made a presentation to the council on the subject in October 2013.

Mr. Brennan said the group was urging the public to take part in the public consultation.

“This is an issue of concern for all of the people in the county,” he said.

* See Thursday’s Donegal Democrat for more.


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