Councillor Philip McGlynn accused of “pulling a stroke”

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Discussions turned heated at Tuesday’s meeting of Bundoran Town Council when Cllr. Diarmaid Doherty accused Cllr. Philip McGlynn of “pulling a stroke”.

Cllr. Doherty had put forward a motion to have Cllr. McGlynn removed as a representative of the council to the Association of Municipal Authorities of Ireland (AMAI). He accused Cllr. McGlynn of only passing on the names of tourism accommodation providers “related to him” to the organisers of the AMAI’s conference, which is coming to Bundoran in a fortnight’s time.

Cllr. Doherty said: “We have here our Discover Bundoran brochure with 22 accommodation providers listed on it. Why do we bother providing this brochure when it’s not going to be distributed? A man has pulled a stroke. If I was sent somewhere to represent the town and only represented my own interests, I would be removed from the position.”

The premises listed on the back of the AMAI brochure sent to all its members are: the Great Northern, Holyrood and Allingham Arms hotel, as well as Killiavil House, McGrath’s and O’Gorman’s.

Cllr Doherty’s motion was supported by Cllrs. Florence Doherty and Michael McMahon.

A second motion was introduced, however, by Cllr. Sean McEniff, who proposed that Cllr. McGlynn retain his position. As a long time member of the AMAI executive council, Cllr. McEniff stated that “a lot of hard work” had gone into attracting this major conference to Bundoran, as six other towns were in the running. He paid tribute to Cllrs. McGlynn and McMahon for all that they had done in this regard. He said Cllr. Doherty’s motion was “a bit Draconian”.

Cllr. McEniff’s motion was supported by Cllrs. Denise Connolly, Elizabeth McIntyre, Philip McGlynn and Eamon Barrett. Cllr. McGlynn remains as Bundoran town council representative to the AMAI.

Cllr. Sean Carty was not present at the meeting.

Read more detail of the debate in Thursday’s Donegal Democrat.




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