Councillor challenges council’s compliance figures for charge

Cllr John Campbell.

Cllr John Campbell.

Independent Cllr. John Campbell has claimed that Donegal County Council figures incorrectly bump up the county’s household charge compliance rate.

“I believe they hope that this will convince people that there is a tidal wave of payment, but it is clear that there is not,” Cllr. Campbell said. “When compared to figures for August 2012, the increase is only about 1.5 per cent this month.”

Earlier this week, Donegal County Council issued a statement claiming that 60 per cent of Donegal households had registered for the household charge, figures slightly higher than those reported in national media on the weekend.

Cllr. Campbell said his calculations show a much lower compliance rate in Donegal. “At best, compliance is running at 50.9 per cent”, he said. The councillor said he has provided calculations to the local authority that he said show the base figure of liable properties used by the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) is flawed.

“I have called on Donegal County Council to clarify why they have discounted 18,587 houses in the county from their calculations, and if they cannot explain this, then they should have the honesty not to use the LGMA figures,” Cllr. Campbell said. “It’s put up or shut up time.”




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