Concerns over Ards Forest Park

Independent Cllr. Micheal Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig has written to Coillte to ask them to address problems at Ards Forest Park.

“Local people raised their concerns about the park with me recently so I visited to have a look for myself,” he said. The county councillor said there appeared to be a general lack of maintenance in some areas, including the entrance gate and woodway walk.

He said rhododendron pose a more pressing problem, adding, “The problem is now so severe that it is regarded as an imminent threat to the diverse range of flora and fauna in the park as well as associated wildlife.” He said rhododendron cover a large area of ground and is choking smaller plants and could also threaten the semi-natural woodland.

Cllr. Mac Giolla Easbuig called Ards Forest “a hugely important natural resource which deserves to be looked after properly”.




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