COMMENT: We’re losing the moral high ground

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This is just a small section of what Pat McArt is writing about in his column: ‘Pat’s Patch’ on Monday.

“I’m Irish. I’m very proud of being Irish. I’m proud not in some stupid, puff your chest out way but I have always liked the fact we have our own culture and our own values.

“We might be a small nation with limited power but we always had the moral high ground in standing up for the right thing.

“I’m ashamed, really ashamed, that this no longer seems to be the case.

“Speaking personally, I hold the view if ever there was an open and shut case for a human rights inquiry - an inquiry where both sides could put their case - then what is happening in Gaza is about as clear cut as its going to get.

“But our Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charlie Flanagan, and our permanent representative at the UN in Geneva, Patricia O’Brien, decided to abstain on the vote on Wednesday to establish such an inquiry.”

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