Candidate apologises for “Abusive” comment

Bernie Mulhern

Bernie Mulhern

A Fianna Fail candidate who failed to secure party nomination and later described her relationship with FF HQ as “abusive” has apologised.

Bernie Mulhern who is now running as an independent candidate described her relationship with the party as being similiar to an “abusive relationship with Fianna Fail” on Ocean FM which prompted criticism from listeners.

Speaking to the Donegal Democrat Ms. Mulhern said, “In relation to the comment I must be perfectly honest it was the wrong choice of words and I am deeply sorry if it caused offence to even to one single person.

“You have to understand that I had been working hard canvassing the whole area to get a Donegal Town based candidate, and then at the last minute party headquarters moved the goalposts. It was deeply upsetting especially to the female candidates at the convention.”

Strong voice

The Donegal town woman continued, “Once again Donegal Town and its environs are in danger of being left without a locally based councillor. I feel that this area can no longer depend on the crumbs from the table at Lifford - we must have a strong voice at council level.

“We have a town that in spite of the recession has done reasonably well in a difficult time - tourism has shown a tremendous growth and employment figures are increasing.

“The many events which I have been part of in the community chamber have assisted in enhancing the town’s presence on the tourism market. We have a lot done but we need representation at Lifford.

Donegal Town needs a local candidate and as one with a history of community based initiatives and local knowledge I am well placed to take a seat in this area.”


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