Busy year for Malin Cost Guard station

Malin Head Coast Guard station dealt with almost 400 incidents throughout the year helping to save hundreds of lives.

They responded to 393 incidents in a year where almost 2,000 calls were made nationally to the lifesaving service for Irish waters.

Valencia Coast Guard dealt with 690 incidents while Dublin responded to 871 calls.

The 8% rise in call-outs made it the busiest year in the Coast Guard’s history since it was founded in 1822.

Crews recovered 88 bodies during 2012, which is also the highest number on record.

The Coast Guard assisted 2,593 people during the year.

As well as employed staff, the Coast Guard uses 900 volunteers to respond to emergencies.

Together with 2,000 RNLI volunteers, 300 on community rescue boats and 500 mountain and cave rescue volunteers, they provide year round 24-hour rescue services on the sea, lakes, cliffs and around the coastline.


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