Burglars make off with late husband’s last belongings

A Raphoe widow whose home was targetted by burlgars this week has told how the thieves made off with some of the personal belongings of her late husband.

Jean Gillen said the burglars stole a small velvet case from her bedroom which contained a number of items of sentimental value. They included the wedding ring and some coins belonging to her late husband, Finbar, who was killed in a road traffic accident in 1994. The coins had been in her husband’s pocket on the night he tragically died.

“I’ve kept them safe for 18 years and to be honest, they are of no value to anybody but me. The coins were just a couple of pound in old money and along with the ring, they are practially worthless,” she said. “But they meant the world to me and I have had them all these years later.

“They (the burglars) wouldn’t care about that. They just wanted anything they could get when they got into the house.”

Read more in today’s Donegal Democrat.


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