Building collapse causes concern

The collapsed wall at Lower Main Street, Letterkenny.

The collapsed wall at Lower Main Street, Letterkenny.

The mayor of Letterkenny says the collapse of a wall on the town’s Lower Main Street highlights the potential danger of derelict buildings in the town.

The wall of a building at an area known as the Corn Market collapsed in the early hours of Friday morning.

The collapse blocked off a footpath and caused a part of Lower Main Street to be closed for a time on Friday morning. Nobody was injured in the incident.

The road reopened late morning after Letterkenny Town Council staff secured the area.

There were fears that other structures nearby were in danger of collapse as well.

It is understood that the collapse of the wall of the old shed has been attributed to heavy rain.

Mayor of Letterkenny Paschal Blake said the collapse highlighted the need to address the safety of other old buildings in the area and in the town as a whole. “I am very pleased that it is open again to the public and to traffic. It was an inconvenience for a period this morning and I am pleased it has been made safe and the lower end of the town has been made assessable again,” he said

“It is very important that when we see a wall collapsing in an area of town where there are multiple old buildings that we act and obviously we need to address the safety aspects of all of them,” he said.




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