Budget meeting to adjourn to January

Donegal County Council Crest

Donegal County Council Crest

Donegal county councillors said there were still questions about the Irish Water transfer they want answered before they vote on the draft revenue budget for 2014.

At yesterday’s budget meeting, councillors spent the afternoon putting questions to senior council staff on their budget presentations. At the time of going to press, it was expected the meeting would adjourn without decision, to reconvene in January.

Some councillors spoke in favour of a rate cut, but Fine Gael Cllr. John Ryan said councillors needed to identify where revenue to fund a cut would be found. He suggested cutting funds for elected members, such as conference expenses, and put that toward a cut.

During the afternoon, Fianna Fáil called for a 20-minute adjournment following a dispute between independent Cllr. Frank McBrearty Jr. and Fianna Fáil Cllr. David Alcorn. Donegal Mayor, independent Cllr. Ian McGarvey, later called for a 10-minute adjournment when the dispute continued.

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