Bressie - its OK not to feel OK!”


The "selfie" craze continues - "Bressie" or Niall Breslin from The Voice of Ireland pictured with Sheila Russell from Harvey's Point when he took a break from his mentoring on one of RTE's top shows. 1004 INDD VOICE 1 MVB.JPG

Donegal has gotten used to many familiar faces visiting the county at their heart’s content over the last few months.

Last weekend one man with strong Donegal connections both in Frosses and Bundoran took a few days out in south Donegal away from what is an extremely busy schedule.

Niall Breslin, aka may well be popular with practically every woman in the country but he also serves as a great role model for the youth as he spearheads the campaign of mental awareness.

A former rugby player for Leinster, Niall took part in the now firmly established “Cycle against Suicide” last year and is in deep training to take part again next month.

Last year the man associated with The Voice led the cycle into Donegal Town and is expected to do so once again this year.

Breslin’s message to everybody who may not bee feeling on top of the world is simple - “Its OK not to feel OK -talk about it!”

No doubt the former frontman of The Blizzards will get a great Donegal welcome once again.


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