BREAKING NEWS: Candidate claims his name was taken off the register

Michael Naughton

Michael Naughton

A candidate in the Donegal Electoral Area has claimed that his name was removed off the register and has alleged that this was done by friends of fellow party member.

Jonathan Kennedy, an Independent candidate in the “Race for Lifford” told the Donegal Democrat this afternoon that when he was registering as a candidate in Lifford today he decided to check the register.

“When checking I found to my surprise that the Fianna Fáil candidate Micheal Naughton was not registered to vote in this electoral area.

“I am not interested in starting a personal war of words - I just want openness and transparency and to be honest ascertain if people are living in this area.

“According to the current register Michael Naughton is not registered in the Donegal Electoral Area.”

This newspaper contacted a spokesperson for Michael Naughton who said, “ Michael was registered in this area up until last Christmas when his name was taken off the register and he has only recently become aware of it.

“On investigation in Lifford we have ascertained that his name was removed at the request of friends of a fellow party member.

She added, “This incident now makes it even more important that everybody should check the register to ensure that they are registered to vote.

“Names can be removed without people being aware. Micheal will be on the Supplementary Register - the closing date for inclusion on this is next Tuesday.”

If anybody is unsure whether they are included or not you can check it out on




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