Bogus collectors warning

The Irish Kidney Association has issued a warning that bogus collectors have been operating in the North West, including Ballyshannon and the North West, over the week.

A spokesperson said that the organisation received several reports last Saturday of bogus collections being taken up in both Ballyshannon and Letterkenny on Saturday.

The spokesperson confirmed that no member of the IKA was collecting, nor had the organisation authorised anyone to collect on their behalf over the weekend.

The spokesperson said: ““Never, ever be afraid to approach a collector, ask for ID, their permit and a letter from the organisation authorising them to collect on its behalf.

“All collectors are required to use buckets that are fully sealed in two places, so look out for this as well.

“Genuine collectors are only too pleased to answer questions because they are keen to raise awareness about whatever cause they are supporting.

“If you are ever in doubt, ask for the name of someone in the organisation’s local branch, as well as a telephone number for its head office. If they can’t give you that information, walk away.

“It is hard enough for charities trying to raise much needed funds, given the times that are in it, without people going around falsely collecting in their names.”




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