Bank ATM cards skimmed in Killybegs

Trawlers at Killybegs.

Trawlers at Killybegs.

Bank cards in south and south west Donegal have been skimmed in recent weeks, the Democrat has learned.

A small number of Bank of Ireland and Ulster Bank customers who used their cards in Killybegs and Donegal Town over the course of a recent weekend, found that hundreds of dollars had been debited from their accounts.

Manus Boyle, who knows some of the people affected, told the Democrat: “One woman used her card when doing her messages in Donegal Town and the next day found out that €300 had been taken from her account by someone in Miami. In all of the cases I’m aware of, the money was taken out in America and we’re talking about hundreds of dollars, rather than thousands.”

A spokesperson for Bank of Ireland said the bank contacted customers following the incidents to reassure them that its policy is to “fully refund any losses sustained as a result of this criminal activity”. She noted that “ATM card skimming is now one of the most common types of fraud in Ireland today” and urged vigilance. For tips, visit




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