BAI announces details of Oral Presentation for North Donegal Radio Licence

The Oral Hearing for the radio license takes place on Monday.

The Oral Hearing for the radio license takes place on Monday.

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has announced details of an oral presentation to be held for the local, broad-format radio licence for the North Donegal franchise area.

The presentation will take place on Monday March, 31, in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Letterkenny, commencing at 10.30 a.m. and is open to attendance by members of the public. The BAI received two applications for the licence from Donegal Highland Radio Limited (t/a Highland Radio) and Donegal

Commercial Radio Broadcasting Limited (t/a DLFM Limited).

The oral presentation will be conducted by the Contract Awards Committee, a statutory committee of the BAI which has responsibility for the assessment of any applications received in a licensing process.

The purpose of the oral presentations is to provide each applicant with the opportunity to make a presentation to the Contract Awards Committee, based on the application submitted and to answer any questions or clarifications that the Committee may have in relation to the application. The time allocated for each applicant is one hour, consisting of a 15-minute presentation, followed by a question and answer session of approximately 30 minutes. The Q&A session will be led by the Chairperson of the Contract Awards Committee.

Following completion of the oral presentation process, the Contract Awards Committee will then assess and score both applications received.

Once assessment and scoring is completed, a recommendation will be made for the award of the licence to the Authority of the BAI.


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