Assault victims refuse compensation

Two men who were assaulted by a former county councillor have refused compensation from him because it was paid by cheques issued from his grandfather’s business.

Reid had previously admitted assaulting Patrick McGinty and Alan Stoddard, directors in his family business, in November 2012.

Reid assaulted the two men after a meeting where he was told his employment at JJ Reid Motors was to end.

During the incident Mr McGinty was punched by Reid and was left with a bloody nose, a cut eyebrow and a sore jaw and Mr Stoddard was kicked.

Reid had been ordered in December to pay compensation of €500 to Mr McGinty and €250 compensation to Mr Stoddard. But Letterkenny District Court heard on Monday that the cheques to pay the compensation were made out by JJ Reid, Reid’s grandfather.

Inspector Michael Harrison told the court that the injured parties did not think it was appropriate that Mr JJ Reid should pay the compensation.

The inspector said the two men had contacted the gardaí and were “quite annoyed”.

He said the two victims feel that the compensation was being paid from a business account and Gareth Reid has not had to pay himself and has not been held accountable for his actions.

Inspector Harrison said the two men intended to return the cheques.

Solicitor for Reid, Kieran Dillon, said his client had borrowed his money from Mr Reid and would repay it.

Judge Paul Kelly said Reid had pleaded guilty and had been held accountable.

The judge said that obviously the manner in which the compensation had been raised was a difficulty.

The judge adjourned the case but Reid later returned to the court with €750 in cash to pay the injured parties.

Mr Dillon said he had a receipt which showed Reid had withdrawn the cash from his own bank account.

He said that as gardaí do not accept cash he would write two cheques which he hoped the victims would accept.

Judge Kelly bound Reid to keep the peace for a period of two years and adjourned the case to May 17th.


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