Another adjournment in budget talks

Donegal County Council Crest

Donegal County Council Crest

It’s coming down to the wire for Donegal County Council, who have less than 30 minutes to reach an agreement on the council’s revenue budget for 2014.

Shortly after 11pm, Fine Gael councillors called for the tenth adjournment of Tuesday’s budget session, the third day that councillors have met to discuss the draft budget. Councillors are expected to return to the chamber for discussions at 11.35pm.

If the council does not adopt the budget by Tuesday’s statutory midnight deadline, they must seek an extension from government or the council will fall. If they do not receive an extension of the deadline for adopting a budget, Phil Hogan, minister for Environment and Local Government, would appoint an administrator to serve in the place of elected members until the next local election in May.

Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin councillors have said earlier that they could not accept the 138 million euro draft revenue budget.

Talks are continuing among councillors and members of the council executive.


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