All is quiet on Christmas night

Paris Night Club in Bundoran - dreaming of a quiet Christmas night ! 2312 INDD 1 Paris

Paris Night Club in Bundoran - dreaming of a quiet Christmas night ! 2312 INDD 1 Paris

For the first time in over thirty years there will be no night clubs selling alcohol after midnight on Christmas nigh in the county.

For many years many premises opened their bars at one minute past midnight which was technically St. Stephen’s Day however earlier this month Gardai objected indicating that they had limited resources to deal with any potential public order offences.

Two of the most popular venues on Christmas night in the south and west of the county were The Limelight in Glenties and Paris/Fusion in Bundoran.

The owner of the Bundoran Club was later granted permission to open after he told the courts that he catered for a small group of locals from his own area and did not advertise in north of the county media.

Conor McEniff told the Donegal Democrat, “Judge Kilrane was concerned that I might attract large crowds from both the middle and north of the county and that the local Gardaí would not be able to cope with potential trouble given that it was Christmas night.

“When I explained the situation to him and gave him my assurances he subsequently granted me permission.”

McEniff added, “This attracted huge publicity from news sites and radio stations which ironically could have attracted people from all parts of the county and I have decided not to open on this occasion on a once off.

“I gave the courts my word and am not about to break it - the publicity which was generated could have attracted exceptionally large crowds.

“On a once off I am going to take advantage of my first Christmas night off in many years and also give my staff a deserved night off.

“We have a hectic week from St. Stephen’s Day onwards including stars from Home and Away and IRadio - a good night’s rest will do us all no harm. I suppose you could say I’m dreaming of a quiet Christmas night!” he joked.


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