A village living in fear as crime continues

The scene of the attack last week which is the subject of a Garda investigation 1407 INDD Pettigo 1 MVB.JPG

The scene of the attack last week which is the subject of a Garda investigation 1407 INDD Pettigo 1 MVB.JPG

A village that attracted national attention two years ago over the level of crime there has once again been the victim of a spate of incidents.

The border town of Pettigo came into the media spotlight when Phyllis McGee who had been robbed on two separate occasions told Miriam O’Callaghan on Prime Time that she would like to see the burglars “dealt with” and despite her extremely rural location, she refused to move from her home.

Phyllis still lives in her rural cottage and was adamant that she would have her own way with dealing with them if they chose to turn up again.

In the last number of weeks Pettigo has once again been the target of criminals who are using the border as an easy escape route.

The latest incident was an arson attack on a large number of vehicles just outside the town where a ferocious fire enveloped a total of six vehicles on the Lough Derg Road.

The scale of the fire was so intense that vehicles close to the scene of the fire were also scorched.

Gardai are currently investigating this attack as well as a number of other incidents including robberies and malicious phone calls in the area.

Community activist Lawrence McManus told the Donegal Democrat, “This is just one of many incidents that have affected this area over the last number of weeks.

“The whole thing has just got totally out of control - people here are just living in fear and cannot even sleep in peace at night.

“The people who carry out these crime on vulnerable people are simply nothing but vermin, pure scum.

Lawrence added, “We have a total of 21 border crossings in and around the village and it is very easy for criminals to nip in, commit their crime and then make their dash for the border.

“I have met with the top authorities on both sides of the border and they are all aware of the situation. It is an area very hard to police - with only one Garda in the town, it is virtually impossible.

“I am not blaming the Gardaí on the ground - they are doing their best, but they do not have the resources.

“I have relayed the message to senior Garda officers that the people of Pettigo can not take much more -there is a fear that some might take the law into their own hands and that someone will be shot. A solution must be found. “


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