“A prisoner in my own home”- Bundoran resident

Rubbish dumped at The Ross, Bundoran. Photo Thomas Gallagher 2101TG05

Rubbish dumped at The Ross, Bundoran. Photo Thomas Gallagher 2101TG05

  • by Matt Britton

A resident living near an illegal dumping site in Bundoran told the Donegal Democrat that she was living “in fear” and added that she was virtually a “prisoner in her own home” as a result of the activities over the last few months.

This comes in the aftermath of a fire at the illegal dump in the Ross Road area on Sunday evening last when the fire brigade had to be called to extinguish it.
The person who asked not to be named because of possible re-precussions told this newspaper, “This is an absolute disgrace and has been going on for months. All the local Town Councillors have highlighted this in the past but to no avail as the area is outside of the town boundaries.

“It is a health hazard located close to a residential community - full of broken bottles, jagged cans, waste food, nappies - everything you can imagine.

“It is a magnet for rats and in this cold weather it’s more than likely they will make their way into peoples houses. It is simply not acceptable.

“To be perfectly honest I will not go down that road now - I will admit to being terrified of what might happen. I used to have a nice garden but now I just let the hedges grow in an attempt to stop the dumpers throwing their waste in my garden.

“It has come to the stage that I am afraid to go away for the weekend or even for a day - I wouldn’t know what to expect when I returned. I am a prisoner in my own home.”

Sinn Féin councillor Michael McMahon also slammed the actions of those responsible saying that they should be made pay up for the clean - up operation.

“They must respect the local people and the local environment.” he said

Cllr. Sean McEniff has also described the site as a health hazard. “It hasn’t been cleared in months and the area is now rat infested. There is a genuine concern for the health and well-being of the people who are living in what was always regarded as a beautiful residential area.”




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