“A dark day” looms for Letterkenny as town council ends

Ciaran Brogan - ciaran.brogan@donegalcoco.ie,   Photo Clive Wasson

Ciaran Brogan - ciaran.brogan@donegalcoco.ie, Photo Clive Wasson

Fianna Fáil Cllr. Ciaran Brogan will propose setting up a forum to address what he said will be the imbalance that will exist when the town council ceases to operate.

He will make the proposal on Monday night at what will be the final meeting of the town council.

“This is a dark day for Letterkenny,” Cllr. Brogan said. He said, “If we weren’t aware of the huge challenge that faces us in the immediate and long-term future, we will be once the town’s local authority is no more.”

The councillor said that since he was elected to the town council in 1999, he has seen the “huge amount of work that has been done by everybody involved in the council right from the officials to those on the ground. Now, the biggest challenge for us is to maintain the same level of funding and services that this town council did over the last number of years”.

The town council has enjoyed close working relationships with business people of the town, the Chamber, Tidy Towns committee and the town’s 90 or so residents associations, as well as engagements with local sporting and voluntary organisations, he said, adding that they all “have depended on the generosity of the council and councillors for funding.”

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