A budget wish list as charities warn: ‘Small cuts can have significant impact’

  • by Carolyn Farrar

Representatives of Donegal organisations are concerned about where further savings can be made, as they wait to see the government’s 2013 budget on tomorrow.

Mark McCollum of Voice of Older People said he was hoping “that the vulnerable older people are protected and that any cuts that are made are given full consideration of the bigger picture, the impact they will have on people’s lives.

“Small cuts can have a significant impact,” he said.

Mr. McCollum and Betty Holmes, of Donegal Action for Cancer Care, also expressed their hope that the budget would not cut already stretched funding for hospital and health services. The public has already “seen the cuts to the hospital budgets, they’ve seen the overcrowding that’s there,” Mrs. Holmes said.

“If government could do something to reassure people, or even, ‘This far, and no more,’ but nobody is doing that,” Mr. McCollum said.

See the Donegal Democrat and the Donegal People’s Press for the full story.




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