70-year-old jailed for four years for abusing two young girls

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A 70-year-old pensioner who abused an 11 and a 12-year-old girl at a Donegal caravan park was sentenced to four years imprisonment at Letterkenny Circuit Court yesterday.

The four offences took place between January 4, 2010 and May 3, 2010 at a caravan park in Donegal.

The court heard that the pensioner was related to the girls.

In a victim impact statement, the 12-year-old described how she self-harmed to make herself feel better, tried to hang herself, couldn’t sleep and suffered from flashbacks as a result of the abuse.

The younger girl described how she blamed herself, felt guilty and felt the family had been torn apart.

Members of the family present in court burst into tears on hearing the impact statement.

Sergeant Bridget McGowan told the court that on the May bank holiday, 2010, the elderly family relation invited her for breakfast.

He prised her legs open and ran his hands up and down her legs and put his hand under the blanket. He stood in front of her and asked if she wanted to tickle him and put her hand on his privates.

The 12-year-old described how the man pulled her trousers down and put his hand under her bra while tickling her stomach. On another occasion, whilst on a walk, the relation put his hands down her trousers and made her touch his privates.


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