14 couples tie civil knot this year

Among the 1,500 couples who entered into a civil partnership in Ireland in the first half of the year, 14 are Donegal-based.

Figures from the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN) show that more than half of the couples were in Dublin. Donegal was the most popular of the three Ulster counties in the south for civil partnerships.

“Civil partnerships continue to be a great success for Ireland. Lesbian and gay couples in every county in Ireland have celebrated their love and commitment to each other, warmly supported by their families, friends and neighbours,” Brian Sheehan, director of GLEN, said.

Dublin recorded 816 civil partnerships in the first six months of the year. Cork was the most popular area in Munster, with 120 couples. In Connaught, Galway recorded 49 couples, Sligo had 11 and Leitrim had five.

GLEN also welcomed a poll showing 86 per cent approval in Ireland for civil partnerships.




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