€108 million spent on-line

Many traders in Donegal are feeling the pinch as the growth of internet popularity has led to a big increase in online shoppers.

A recent survey by eMark has highlighted the outflow of money saying that €108 million is leaving the country ever year from online shoppers

The online retail market is set to grow to €21 billion by 2017 and therefore with the phenomenal increase in online shopping by Irish consumers, there has never been a more crucial time for Irish retailers to act and win back market share from international online retailers that are dominating this space.

It was noted that Donegal shoppers often buy goods online that appear to be from Irish retailers but instead are largely internet savvy international online retailers.

Many of these purchases are available from true Donegal and Irish based retailers who are also online but they are losing out to international retailers who are dominating this space.

Michael McCormack of eMark said: “This is negatively affecting Irish retail business and job growth in the sector and will have a particularly negative impact on potential sales for retailers in Donegal in the run up to Christmas and beyond.”

He added: “The solution to this problem is a national symbol for Irish owned and operated ecommerce sites called eMark, giving consumers the opportunity to support Irish jobs and business by supporting Irish owned and operated businesses online.

“With the increase in the popularity of online shopping in the run up to Christmas, eMark will now provide Donegal shoppers the tools to make informed decisions on where they choose to shop online.

“As a result Donegal online consumers may be more likely to choose Irish owned and Irish based companies in order to support the local economy.”

In response to the growing problem where millions of euro is leaving the country online every single day iCompany identified and developed the opportunity for the eMark and industry members have come together to further develop the project.

McCormack concluded: “Our goal is to make sure consumers in Donegal are informed about what companies are Irish and therefore this should lead to more people likely to choose those companies and ultimately support Irish businesses and jobs.”




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